Posted on: 10/05/2024

Year 1 Visit Haslemere Museum

Last week, Year 1 spent a lovely sunny day at Haslemere Museum as part of their Wider Curriculum topic for this term.  They took part in a workshop where they learnt about different types of inverterbrates and shared their own knowledge of vertebrates and inverterbrates.

They also did some different activities in the outdoor areas which included looking at a beehive and learning about bees, using a net to sweep the long grass in the meadow to search for insects and looking in the log area to see what insects they could spot - they found some very cute little newts!

They then spent some time inside the museum looking at the different exhibits, including a giant bear!   They all had a wonderful time and behaved impeccably displaying all of the Pine Ridge & Lorraine school values of Respect, Try your best and Succeed!