Children in Reception, Years 1 and 2 must wear school uniform which helps to develop pride in our school.  Our school colours are blue, white and grey, and we have a sweatshirt with our Federation logo.  Uniform can be purchased from the school office or ordered online from Brigade www.brigade.uk.com/direct/index.php

Please follow the link for the Measuring Guide from Brigade to help with sizing.


Pine Ridge Sweatshirt/Cardigan (Blue)
Grey Skirt or Trousers
White Polo Shirt (with logo available)


Grey Skirt, Shorts or Trousers
White Polo Shirt (with logo available)
Blue and White Checked Summer Dress

Sensible low heeled and well fitting black shoes should be worn.  Please ensure that all skirts are a sensible length.  Please ensure all items of clothing are clearly marked with your child’s name.

PE Kit

Children need to wear black shorts and a white t-shirt for PE lessons, which should be put in a special named bag purchased from school.  Following County guidelines all indoor apparatus work is done in bare feet.  Plimsolls or trainers are used for outdoor PE.


For health and safety reasons we discourage the wearing of jewellery to school and it is our policy that jewellery (including earrings) are not worn for any form of physical education.  If earrings are worn to school children must be able to remove and replace them themselves.

PRL Uniform Policy