Posted on: 18/10/2023

Foraging and Exploring in Forest School at Pine Ridge Infants

Year 1 have been enjoying Forest school this term and have been able to show the new found skills that they learnt from their earlier sessions before the summer break.  We now have some expert fire lighters, who were able to get the fire going with just a few scrapes of the fire steel, which is very impressive.

The bug hunting continued as before, with a few new “finds” hidden under the logs and potions were also made and fortunately not drunk!

So far, we have made some very individual tree faces, which the children personalised with items found in the woods.  They also wanted to be intrepid hunters and designed and made their own bows and arrows.  These were successfully constructed bows, but we still think the local wildlife was perfectly safe from any danger!

Some children had a go at making their own tongs out of sticks found on the woodland floor which they found very useful for picking up acorns.

We finished off our final session by carving a cooking stick and melting marshmallows in the fire, then ultimately making a “smore” with biscuits - very yummy!