Posted on: 14/10/2022

Another Fascinating Week at Forest School

This week, the optional task was to make an articulated man out of wood.  This required using a palm drill to make holes in the wood and use string to attach the arms and legs.  This was quite a tricky process, but those that persevered were very pleased with the results.

A few children were determined to climb some of the different trees in our woodland.  They had some very ingenious ways to get to the top.  These included using other bits of wood as props and building “steps” out of old logs with a piece of rope to pull themselves up.  They really worked together and shared their different ideas, being very supportive of each other.

As it had been wet overnight and most of the natural wood was damp, the children helped Mrs Melham chop some thinner pieces of wood so that they could get the fire going.  They were successful and enjoyed their usual hot chocolate and biscuit.