Posted on: 21/03/2022

Science Day at Pine Ridge and Lorraine!

Last week, we held our Science Days with a Space theme at Pine Ridge and Lorraine.  The children came in dressed up in some fantastic outfits which included planets, stars, aliens and astronauts!

Each year group was given a specific task.  Nursery had to decide which fuel would work the best to launch the rocket, Year R designed and built the rocket, Year 1 had to build a Luna module to get them from the rocket to the moon and Year 2 had to build the rovers that were going to explore the surface of the moon.

The children had to use some very technical and creative skills to fulfil their tasks and all did a fantastic job which culminated in the launch of their rockets.  A combination of vinegar and bicarbonate of soda sent their rockets flying high into the sky!

It was a fantastic day enjoyed by children and staff alike.