Stunning Start to Forest School

Summer Term - Wednesday 12th May

On Wednesday, Holly Class had their first visit to our Forest School, where they started by exploring the woodland environment.  This included climbing and swinging on the trees.

After listening to the safety talk about the fire circle, they went off to collect 'Baby bear, Mummy bear and Daddy bear sticks' for the fire.  Then they watched as Mrs Melham showed them how we light the campfire with a firesteel, rather then using dangerous matches.  When the fire was going, we put the kettle on top to heat the water for our hot chocolate.

While the water was heating up, Holly Class then set about building themselves a den using the fallen sticks and branches.

We finished the session sitting around the remains of the fire with a cup of hot chocolate and talked about what we had done during our first session.

Girls swinging     Girls den building     Kh climbing tree

L and l den building     Lads with mugs