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Thanks to all our staff and volunteers for all they have achieved this half term. An amazing response.


A decade on: and came together under shared ‘executive’ leadership on this day in 2010. Within 2 years, was created as the both committed to a permanent partnership - thriving together for the last decade. Happy anniversary both👏🏻


Such gratitude to all teachers with us for all that they have achieved throughout 2020. Thank you.


It’s the weekend!


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We are looking to appoint an administrator to drive forward our marketing/recruitment and communications strategy - is this the job for you?


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Every child has the opportunity to 'make their mark' at our school - as seen on our new hall display where EVERY child has contributed! This is where our Headteacher Stars shine each week when children have displayed our values in school:


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Today’s the day! We will be releasing lots of useful information on our website for prospective parents to view. Look out for this later.


Thank you! Much appreciated!


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We're Live on Today at 3pm! spoke to former academy player turned teacher, , all about the Community Trust, the value of sport, and his life changing injury. | DAB | Online


Happy ‘official’ 6th birthday to ⁦⁩ as a GLF school 👏🏼 The latest newsletter has a good recipe for cheesecake!


It’s the fourth anniversary of Meridian High ⁦⁩ transferring to ⁦⁩. Happy anniversary! 👏🏼


Happy 1st birthday to Frogmore Junior School as a GLF school👏 ⁦


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Great article highlighting our partnership with NowTeach. Spotlight on ⁦⁩ ⁦⁩ from ⁦⁩.


Thank you. Weekend. Enjoy. Relax. See you on Monday.


Thanks to all our parents, children, staff, governors, volunteers, trustees & colleagues in partner organisations (all past and present of course) for their contribution to our schools and our trust. We can’t do our role and achieve our purpose without you all.


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Never heard of Healthcare Science? All you need to know about a fantastic, alternative career in health


It’s the weekend. Enjoy and thanks to everyone for their unstinting support their week.


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It's National Teaching Assistant Day! A day to celebrate the wonderful, dedicated teaching assistants we have across the Trust - thank you for everything you do for our children. Want to join them? Click below for more details!


Thanks to all our schools for such a positive week of learning and teaching. And fun! Enjoy the weekend 😊


Great AHT role here!

Learning from Home - Year 2

Learning from Home - May 2020

  • Daily learning for everyone daily reading - this could be your reading book (which you can re-read), your own books, newspapers, comics, recipes, anything you have in the house!
  • Number bond practice - start with bonds to 5, then move onto 10, 20, 50, 100, 1000 etc.
  • Times tables practice - this could be on Hit the button 
  • Phonic sound practice or spelling practice this could be on Phonics Play.
  • Keep a daily diary - this could be in pictures or writing.  Why not create it as comic book or try writing it in the style of another author.

Year 2 Specific Learning

Handwriting Practice

Practise your weekly spellings - look at common exception words for Year 2


  • Plan and write your own story based on any class books we have read or your favourite book, focusing on using conjunctions to extend your sentences. 
  • Go on The Literacy Shed, choose a picture or video and complete some of the suggested tasks from it.


Maths w/c 4th May 2020
Maths w/c 27th April 2020
Maths w/c 20th April 2020
Maths w/c 30th March 2020
Maths w/c 23rd March 2020

  • Practise 2,3,5,10 x tables.
  • Practise simple + / - questions totalling up to 100 (drawing tens and ones or number lines to help you).
  • Go on a shape hunt around your house.  What different shapes can you spot? 
  • How many sides or vertices (corners) do they have?


Wonderful Me - Draw a timeline and plot the things have already completed in your life so far.

Can you create a family tree to show relatives in your family?


Please follow the link to the Year 2 Guided Reading Grid.